Ford and Resideo to conduct V2H energy management pilot – Charged EVs



Ford and home automation company Resideo Technologies have announced a joint V2H simulation project called EV-Home Power Partnership. 

The project involves pairing the bidirectional EV charging of Ford’s F-150 Lightning with a Resideo smart thermostat to explore the potential of the EV batteries to optimize home energy management, reduce customer electricity costs and relieve strain on the electric grid.

The project is expected to be completed by the first half of 2024. It is designed to assess how coordination of a bidirectional EV and a smart thermostat can reduce a home’s overall energy needs during times of electric grid stress and minimize energy usage during the most expensive hours by controlling the thermostat to match a consumer’s time-of-use electricity rate. It will also assess how coordination between the battery and the thermostat can leverage cleaner energy from the grid if renewable energy is readily available.

“The two largest contributors to an individual’s carbon emission footprint are usually their car and the heating and cooling of their home,” said Dana Huth, EVP and Chief Revenue Officer, Resideo. “With this project, we can discover new ways for F-150 Lightning owners to use their EV battery to power their home’s heating and cooling and optimize their home’s comfort and energy use.”

Source: Ford


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