FLO debuts EZLift EV charging cable system for easier extension and retraction – Charged EVs


Canada-headquartered FLO, an EV charging station manufacturer and network operator, has introduced its new motorized cable management system, EZLift. 

The system will be offered on the company’s new FLO Ultra fast charger. It is designed to reduce stress on drivers by automating extension and retraction of cables that can weigh more than 25 pounds.

Housed in the charger’s sealed canopies, the system locks into place while charging, and sensors initiate the automatic retraction and return of the cable to the station after charging.

“Drivers have told us fast charger cables can be bulky and difficult to maneuver,” said FLO Chief Product Officer Nathan Yang. “The FLO Ultra is a fast charger for all drivers, which drove us to prioritize accessibility in the development of the EZLift cable management system. This system enables users from a wider range of ages, strengths and sizes to manage heavy fast charging cables more easily.”

Source: FLO

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