FCL Components introduces switching relay for automotive – Charged EVs


Netherlands-based FCL Components has introduced the FTR-E1-HC, a lightweight higher-voltage switching relay for automotive and power applications.

As there is no specific polarity requirement for the connection of load terminals, and a low power consumption of approximately 1.2 W at rated coil voltage, the FTR-E1-HC removes the need to reduce the voltage applied to the coil to the holding voltage. This avoids the cost and space requirements of a holding voltage coil drive circuit, according to the company.

The FTR-E1 offers twice the insulation properties of similar relays, FCL said, providing a dielectric strength of 5,000 VAC between coil and contacts, and 2,500 VAC between contacts. Non-polarized contacts enable the FTR-E1-HC to switch between charging and discharging the load, making it suitable for a range of applications including EVs, fast charging stations, photovoltaic power generation systems, hybrid construction machinery and battery systems.

The FTR-E1-HC also features FCL Components’ Arc Extinguishing Technologies, which use a permanent magnet to extend the arc’s path within the same airgap to save space while ensuring safety.

Source: FCL Components

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