Exicom claims to have launched India’s fastest DC Charger | Autocar Professional


Exicom, an electric vehicle charging and critical power solutions firm, has announced the launch of what it claims is India’s fastest DC charger, up to 400kW. 

The newly launched Harmony Gen 1.5 DC Fast Charger has advanced features including an advanced AI-driven remote management system, high operational efficiency, and integrated ambient lighting. Harmony g1.5 is available in three frame sizes, and its modular construction offers power outputs from 60 kW to 400 kW.

Harmony g1.5 chargers are designed in compliance with PAS standards, allowing physically disabled individuals to easily use and operate the chargers. They are also specifically suited for India’s tough climate and electrical conditions, which makes them resilient to hot and cold temperatures and commonly occurring grid fluctuations, the company states.

Harmony Gen 1.5 DC Fast Chargers’ efficiency, supposedly surpassing 95% and power levels to power a wide range of vehicles from lightweight cars to heavy-duty buses, underscores its versatility. Featuring an advanced AI-driven Remote Management System (RMS), this innovation enables predictive maintenance, significantly enhancing uptime for Charge Point Operators (CPOs) resulting in enhanced reliability for end users Additionally, Harmony Gen 1.5 DC Fast Charger includes variants designed specifically for destination charging, catering to diverse environments such as malls, city infrastructure, and office complexes.

Anant Nahata, CEO, Exicom stated, “Our commitment to building exceptional products and driving tech innovation stems from our dedication to solving real customer problems. With over 4500 DC chargers successfully installed, we’re bridging the demand-supply gap and empowering EV drivers to confidently embrace electric mobility.”

Exicom is expanding its reach into Southeast Asian countries (Singapore, Indonesia, and Malaysia) and Europe, the press release stated. 


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