EVgo expands Plug & Charge eligibility to over 50 EV models


Fast charging network EVgo shared the progress of its Autocharge+ program today, relaying that over 50 Plug & Charge capable EVs are now eligible to utilize the feature. EVgo customers can skip the time required to access an app, credit card, or RFID and can simply plug in and begin their charging session.

Although Plug & Charge technology remains a relatively new implementation in the EV charging segment, it is actually a decade old, having been introduced into ISO 15118 back in 2014. Since then, several major OEMs have begun offering this ease of charging capability in their EVs.

Simultaneously, EV charging networks like Blink and EVgo have implemented similar capabilities across their fast chargers, helping enable more models to simply plug in and replenish.

More specifically, EVgo’s Autocharge+ service was launched in September 2022 and has continued to expand to more and more models, including GM-brand EVs. In 2023 alone, EVgo says its the percentage of charging sessions initiated using Autocharge+ almost doubled, contributing to about 17% of all of its charging sessions initiated in Q4 2023.

Today, EVgo is touting more progress in expanding Autocharge+, relaying that over 50 Plug & Charge models can now utilize the service.

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EVgo continues to expand support for Plug & Charge EVs

Per the update from EVgo, the growing number of EV models can now utilize Autocharge+ using CCS connectors and CCS Combo 1 adapters on its fast chargers, contributing to the charging network’s “one & done” mantra, which targets drivers successfully initiating a session on their first attempt – all without any apps or cards. Per EVgo’s SVP of Charging, Stacey Stewart:

The key to achieving widespread EV adoption in the US is giving EV drivers a convenient, streamlined charging experience, and Autocharge+ does just that. Through our collaboration with automakers and ongoing interoperability testing with new and existing EV models, EVgo continues to enhance the customer experience across the network for everyone – no matter which EV model they choose to drive.

In addition to expanding to more EV models, EVgo shared that Autocharge+ helped increase its One & Done success rate by 6% in 2023. Looking ahead, EVgo is already planning to ensure Autocharge+ capabilities are implemented on NACS connectors as they become available across its network.

Check out EVgo’s full list of eligible Plug & Charge EV models here

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