EST-Floattech delivers Octopus Series battery system for SFK’s ferry Laboe – Charged EVs


Dutch battery manufacturer EST-Floattech has supplied its Octopus Series battery system to German ferry operator SFK for its ferry Laboe, which was recently delivered to SFK by Holland Shipyards Group.

The Laboe will transport commuters around the city of Kiel. It is capable of switching between use of generators and EST-Floattech’s 560 kWh Octopus High Energy battery system. The system was integrated by Holland Ship Electric, which has collaborated with EST-Floattech on ferries for SFK.

This system uses batteries with high energy density to support optimal ferry performance and long operational life.

Malte Klein of SFK said, “We were impressed by the overhauled design and HMI features of the system—simple integration into the ships’ networks and better connectivity to the PMS. Moreover, the new system comes with a higher safety standard. The system is capable of handling different battery types so it is future-proof.”

Source: EST-Floattech

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