ENNOVI introduces new production process for low-voltage EV battery cell contacting systems – Charged EVs


ENNOVI, a provider of mobility electrification solutions, has introduced a new process for producing flexible circuits for low-voltage signals in EV battery cell contacting systems. “While flexible printed circuits (FPC) are often employed in these systems, they are the most expensive component in the current collector assembly,” says the company. “ENNOVI’s flexible die-cut circuit (FDC) technology offers a more cost-effective and sustainable solution, with fewer manufacturing procedures and faster continuous reel-to-reel production.”

ENNOVI explains that FPCs are typically manufactured using a multi-stage, batch photolithography process to etch copper traces for the flexible circuit, using corrosive chemicals to dissolve the unwanted copper. Extracting the waste copper from the chemicals is a complex process, making it challenging to effectively recycle. The die-cutting process allows for instant recycling of the waste copper.

Compared with FPCs, which have a size limitation of 600×600 mm, FDCs have no length restrictions, as they are manufactured reel-to-reel.

“Adapting the FDC capability for flexible circuits enables ENNOVI to offer battery manufacturers a CCA design solution that balances their imperatives in terms of cost, time and performance, allowing them to design to cost,” said Gustavo Cibrian, Product Manager, Energy Systems at ENNOVI.

Source: ENNOVI

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