Engwe L20 2.0 launched as super affordable folding electric bike


Engwe L20 2.0 launched as super affordable folding electric bike

Engwe has recently updated its popular 20-inch e-bike, now launching as the Engwe L20 2.0. While it lacks some of the fancier features seen in many of today’s leading e-bikes, it still appears to pack in some solid performance at an incredibly low price.

The L20 2.0 expands upon what we saw in the original L20 launch, adding a folding mechanism and other features to make the bike more convenient and more comfortable to use.

Engwe tells us that the L20 2.0 includes a 750W continuous-rated rear motor that puts out 1,125W of peak power. That helps the bike reach up to 28 mph (45 km/h) on pedal assist, though throttle speeds are limited to 20 mph (32 km/h).

For the sale price of $799, that’s already a great feature to see. Class 3 e-bikes are highly desirable in the US, where higher speeds allow riders to better keep up with traffic. But Engwe throws us several more bones in the form of added features.

The bike includes both a front and rear rack as standard equipment, plus a full fender set and LED lighting. There’s also an adjustable height handlebar as well as suspension in both the front fork and the seat post.

Eschewing the 48V batteries found in most e-bikes in this class, the Engwe L20 2.0 uses a 52V 13Ah battery. With its 676 Wh of battery capacity, Engwe claims a maximum range of 80 miles (130 km). Keep in mind though that most riders in the real world with real physics are going to find that throttle-enabled riding is more likely to net ranges in the 25-30 mile range (40-50 km).

On the mechanical side, the bike sports cable-actuated disc brakes with 180 mm rotors and a 7-speed Shimano shifter. Both of those are fairly standard components on lower cost electric bikes.

The 68.3 lb (31 kg) electric bike rolls on 20×3.0″ tires and comes in three colors of black, green, and pink.

Priced at $799, it is expected to begin shipping to riders soon.

Engwe has significantly expanded its presence across a variety of different electric bike styles.

In the past, we’ve tested the company’s moped-style M20 electric bike, its full-suspension Engine Pro folding bike, and its larger full-suspension adventure bike known as the X26.

The company appears to be continuing to expand its focus on an increasingly broad range of electric bikes designed for different styles of riding.

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