Elon’s new deal, Kia EV rebates, NIO solid state batteries, and Volvo at Le Mans


Elon’s new deal, Kia EV rebates, NIO solid state batteries, and Volvo at Le Mans

Elon did enough to convince shareholders he deserved his multi billion dollar payout, but can he convince Delaware courts? Meanwhile, Hyundai and Kia invest in North American manufacturing, NIO is ramping up production of its 650 mile solid-state EV, and Volvo got a big win at Le Mans. All this and more on today’s episode of Quick Charge!

Also interesting: it turns out, most of you don’t know who Max Headroom is/was! Max was a fictional 1980s-era “AI” that was known for bizarre, clipped audio and broken, jerky animations of his head and face … sort of like how yours truly looks in these videos!

What can I say about the ’80s, kids? You had to be there.

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