Electric Era launches referral program to help find optimal sites for fast EV charging stations – Charged EVs


One of the keys to building a successful public charging network is finding optimal sites—many have described the current environment as a “land grab” in which companies are competing for the best spots. Electric Era Technologies has introduced a referral program that offers cash payments for referring eligible site hosts for the company’s PowerNode EV fast charging stations along major West Coast highway corridors.

PowerNode charging stations are battery-buffered, and use a proprietary software system for intelligent energy management. In some cases, the system can even serve as a backup power supply to retail sites in the event of a power outage.

Electric Era is targeting retailers as site hosts. Convenience store chain Plaid Pantry is deploying PowerNode fast charging station at seven sites in Washington, Oregon and California.

Ideal sites for a PowerNode fast charging station meet the following criteria:

  • Gas station, convenience store or quick-service retailer
  • Located within one mile of a major highway
  • A minimum of twelve parking spaces

The referral program offers EV advocates and site hosts up to $1,500 each for a referral which leads to a successful installation.

“Our referral program is powering a grassroots movement to build our network of tens of thousands of EV fast charging stations across America,” said Quincy Lee, founder and CEO of Electric Era. “With our new referral program, consumers and convenience retailers are behind the wheel of helping increase the number of reliable EV fast charging stations where they’re needed most along West Coast highways.”

Source: Electric Era Technologies

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