E-motorcycle brand CAKE went bankrupt. Here’s how they’re planning a comeback


E-motorcycle brand CAKE went bankrupt. Here’s how they’re planning a comeback

Everyone loves a good comeback story. Rocky. The Karate Kid. CAKE? That’s right, the Swedish electric motorcycle company is preparing to rise again.

In a new announcement, CAKE said the final chapter of its stylish electric motorcycle saga has yet to be written.

After the brand filed for bankruptcy in February on the heels of its investors pulling back, now new life may be breathed into the company.

The Norwegian automotive company Brages Holding AS has apparently acquired the brand and all of its intellectual property. Now we’ve learned that a small team has been to set plans for CAKE’s future.

“As a car retailer in Norway, we have witnessed how fast the electrification shift can go when people set their minds to it,” explained Brages owner Espen Digernes. “Now, we believe the transformation in the micro-mobility sector will accelerate as well. Not only for motorbikes, but also for scooters, mopeds, and electric bikes. When we first connected with CAKE as a retailer, we fell in love with their products, the design, the craftsmanship, and the story behind CAKE. Our goal in acquiring CAKE was to evolve the brand. We aim to scale CAKE by building a robust retailer distribution network and transforming a remarkable Swedish initiative into a Scandinavian success.”

The company continued, saying that a business plan for the new CAKE has been crafted since the acquisition.

“This plan is an ambitious quest to lead the premium electric two-wheeler segment in targeted markets,” the company continued. “At the same time, we aim to sustain the passion and enthusiasm for the brand through our CAKE team and the devoted community of riders.”

A special work-focused line of CAKE’s electric motorbikes, designed for utility and commercial operators

CAKE began making waves in the world of two-wheeled electric mobility all the way back in 2016. The company’s mission was to inspire a shift towards zero-emission societies by creating high-performance electric motorcycles that combined sustainability with innovative design.

CAKE’s most notable model was the Kalk, a line of lightweight electric motorcycles designed for off-road and urban use. The Kalk series, which included models like the Kalk OR, Kalk&, and Kalk INK, showcased the company’s commitment to merging various riding styles with minimalist Scandinavian design.

These bikes were engineered with precision, featuring robust yet lightweight materials such as aluminum and carbon fiber, which contributed to their impressive performance and range, not to mention the distinctly Swedish styling.

Over the years, CAKE expanded its lineup to include the Ösa, a versatile utility bike that could be customized with various accessories to suit a wide range of uses, from commuting to cargo transport.

CAKE was known for focusing on both its engineering and sustainable practices, pushing the boundaries of what electric motorcycles could achieve in a novel form factor while remaining focused on sustainability. It was a move that appealed to both environmentally conscious riders and those seeking performance in their dirt bikes and urban mopeds, though the brand’s higher prices for comparatively lower performance meant that the design and sustainability features were also a major part of the value proposition.

Now with a comeback potentially on the horizon, we may no longer have to write about CAKE in past tense.

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