Durr’s EcoInCure wins Pace Award 2024 | Autocar Professional


Durr’s EcoInCure system has won the Pace Award 2024 for its innovative approach to improving paint quality and curing performance in the automotive industry. This marks the second consecutive win for Durr, highlighting its leadership in innovation.

The EcoInCure system sets a new standard for curing complex car bodies, offering superior paint quality and faster, more efficient curing compared to conventional ovens. Designed to meet the needs of both traditional internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles and electric vehicles (EVs), EcoInCure addresses critical customer requirements, including topcoat paint quality and improved overall curing performance.

Mark Murray, Director of Sales and Marketing at Durr in North America, “We are very excited that our technology has been recognised as a cutting-edge innovation that shapes the automotive industry. Durr’s EcoInCure stands for a new generation of car body curing. It not only ensures the best surface quality but is also by far the most sustainable oven system on the market thanks to the oven design and potential use of renewable electricity.”

EcoInCure serves as a key component of Durr’s vision for the paint shop of the future, enabling a shift from line-oriented production to flexible and modular production with scalability. It optimally cures all vehicles, particularly electric vehicles, within the required process time while meeting specific treatment times for paint curing, adhesive curing, steel, and aluminum treatment.

The system’s innovative design significantly reduces paint waviness, improving paint surface quality. Additionally, the cross transport of car bodies allows for a reduction in oven length, resulting in a smaller overall footprint and a reduction in building footprint.

Furthermore, EcoInCure achieves remarkable energy savings compared to conventional gas-fired ovens. With the potential use of renewable electricity, it boasts a zero-carbon footprint, making it the most sustainable oven system available. Already deployed in various plants worldwide, including those of Skoda and BMW, EcoInCure exemplifies Durr’s commitment to innovation and sustainability.

The PACE Awards, presented by Automotive News, recognise suppliers that contribute products, processes, materials, or services directly to the manufacture of cars or trucks.

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