Dodge electric muscle car will vibrate like it has a V-8, patent suggests


Dodge has long hinted that its electric muscle car—which is due to be revealed in production form March 5—will be screaming loud. But a patent filing hints that it may also vibrate like it has a V-8.

First spotted by Mopar Insiders (via Jalopnik), Dodge parent Stellantis has filed a patent application for an “Active Vibration Enhancement” system that would “generate vibrations within the vehicle’s structure.”

Teaser image of electric Dodge Charger successor

According to Mopar Insiders, the system would rely on a scaled-up version of the haptic generators used in smartphones, which vibrate to replicate the sensation of a physical button being pushed. This version, however, would send vibrations through different areas like the steering wheel or driver’s seat, based on factors like accelerator-pedal position, motor torque output, and wheel speed.

Dodge appears to have multiple features in development to create an EV driving experience more like that of internal-combustion cars. The vibration feature would be paired with the artificial engine soundtrack previously discussed by the brand. Other patents have suggested that the production EV will offer simulated shift points as part of its soundtrack—and perhaps, its driving experience.

Teaser image of electric Dodge Charger successor

Teaser image of electric Dodge Charger successor

Stellantis has boasted that the muscle car and the Ram 1500 REV pickup truck kick off a new generation of EVs from the automaker—built on modular propulsion components and several new STLA EV platforms.

The automaker recently touted that 500 miles of range is possible with the STLA Large platform expected to underpin the muscle car—so the potential is also there for versions of it do deliver impressive specs not only on the drag strip.

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