Daimler/Traton/Volvo JV opens heavy-duty EV charging hubs in France and Sweden – Charged EVs


Milence, an EV charging joint venture of Daimler Truck, the TRATON Group and Volvo, has expanded its operations to the French and Swedish markets.

In late 2023, Milence opened its first charging hub in Venlo, the Netherlands. Now the company has opened a charging hub in Heudebouville, 40 km south of the city of Rouen. The new heavy-duty EV charging hub is located along an important route for heavy-duty vehicles travelling between Paris and logistics hubs in the Normandy Region, such as Le Havre (France’s largest container port), Caen, Dieppe and Rouen.

The new charging hub features four CCS chargers in four charging bays. Milence plans a swift transition to Megawatt Charging System (MCS) technology as soon as it becomes available. The second phase of the project, scheduled to be completed at the end of the year, will add additional charging bays with MCS chargers, as well as Milence-operated facilities such as toilets and showers for truck drivers.

All Milence charging hubs are open to all electric trucks, regardless of brand. To ensure accessibility for every truck on the market, Milence has signed contracts with various e-Mobility Service Providers (eMSPs) in Europe, and accepts their cards for payment.

Milence has also begun work on a heavy-duty EV charging hub in Varberg, between Gothenburg and Malmö in southwest Sweden. In the first phase, the Varberg hub will have 8 charging bays with four CCS chargers, each providing up to 400 kW of power. The second phase will include additional charging bays with MCS chargers.

Meanwhile, in the US, Daimler and Volvo, among other truck-makers, continue to lobby against emissions regulations.

“Over the past two years we have extensively prepared our organization, developed the right technology, and secured sites in 15 countries,” said Milence CEO Anja van Niersen. “We are now in full roll-out [mode], and this is just the beginning. We have more plans to expand our network with several key sites this coming year, some of which are already under contract and in development, and all of which are located along key strategic areas and open to all trucks.”

Source: Milence

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