Current Classics: electric 911 restomod captures the desired aesthetic


Current Classics: electric 911 restomod captures the desired aesthetic

There’s nothing quite like a classic, air-cooled Porsche 911 for setting the tone — and this Essenza series 2 electric conversion from Voitures Extravert promises to be better, faster, and stronger than the original. Whether it is or isn’t, it’s certainly got the look.

Voitures Extravert is the latest in a growing cohort of Porsche enthusiasts following in the footsteps of companies like Singer and Everrati in bringing the classic cars of their our youth into the modern era. And, as enthusiasts, we should be grateful — because there are few things worse than working your entire life to finally afford that special “dream car” that you’ve lusted after since grade school and finding out that it’s slower than the 7-passenger family truckster you’ve been driving your kids to grade school in!

The company’s most recent email was light on specs, but digging around the VE website reveals that these 911 conversions pack some 385 hp (290 kW) and more than 750 lb-ft of TQ (1025 Nm) at 0 rpm. That’s a far cry from the 125 hp @ 5800 rpm you’d get out of an original 1971 Porsche!

The conversions also get upgraded coil over suspension systems and the added benefit of regenerative braking to help bring them to a stop, and they’ve done so with a stance, ride height, and wheel/tire fitment that’s not stock, but in keeping with the stock aesthetic.

From thermal management to drivetrain optimization, every detail has been meticulously refined to deliver the quality and performance that define our brand. The entire car has been reimagined, ensuring seamless integration and unparalleled driving experience.

voitures extravert

The best part, though, are the updates that aren’t invisible — but which are included in a way that don’t ruin the Classic Car Experience (©️ Jo Borrás, 2024). Namely, the dashboard …

Clever iPhone integration

Slick integration of modern tech; via Voitures Extravert.

… which features a period-correct bezel around a small, but seemingly usable smart touchscreen. It’s a solution that (like a similar solution I highlighted in a converted DeLorean) offers modern amenities but doesn’t ruin the vibe with tacky screens everywhere. This solution is clever, and still instantly recognizable to anyone who’s spent time in an air-cooled p-car.

The company says its cares are, “completely bespoke to the customers wishes, colors – leathers – fabrics – finishes are all chosen by the customer,” and that they’ve made 3 US sales since announcing US availability last month.

Classic Porsche 911 electric conversion

SOURCE | IMAGES: Voitures Extravert.

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