Could the next James Bond be driving an EV powered by Lucid Motors?


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The public may not yet know who the next actor will be to fill the polished, often knife-equipped, shoes of M16’s top 00 agent – James Bond, but we do have a better idea of what type of vehicle he may be driving to evade the baddies when he makes his on-screen debut. Following an existing supply agreement with Aston Martin, Lucid Motors’ CEO and CTO Peter Rawlinson hinted that James Bond’s next vehicle could be 100% electric.

Ian Fleming’s James Bond franchise has long outlived the UK writer and become one of the most successful franchises of all time. Since the first film adaption of Fleming’s 1958 novel, Dr. No, we’ve seen five different actors (and George Lazenby) portray 007.

The most recent chapters in the Bond saga were a lot grittier and action-packed, led by Daniel Craig, whose 15-year tenure as the British spy ended with a literal bang. While Eon Productions, responsible for a large majority of the Bond films, and distributor MGM have not yet publicly revealed who the next James Bond will be, the role will most certainly live on, as the franchise’s most recent entries garnered some of the highest-grossing box office numbers, even with inflation.

When 007 finally returns to the silver screen, you can expect Martinis, cheeky yet borderline cheesy one-liners, and plenty of chase scenes. As an M16 agent under Her Majesty’s Secret Service, you can also expect 007 to be driving a UK-made vehicle.

Fleming himself wrote that Bond’s character had “once dabbled on the fringe of the racing world,” so the spy has always had an eye for flashy cars (even BMWs in the 90s). While 007 drove an Aston Martin DB Mark III in Fleming’s first three novels, the series’ first film adaptation featured a DB5, which made a return to the screen in 2021’s No Time to Die.

As the vehicle of choice in more than half of the 25 existing Bond films, Aston Martin is undoubtedly the brand associated with the international super spy. It appears that trend will continue with the next James Bond, and according to Lucid CEO and CTO Peter Rawlinson, it could be an electric Aston Martin powered by Sapphire.

Lucid James Bond
The Aston Martin RapidE concept, rumored to appear in the James Bond films, but it never happened / Source: Aston Martin

CEO hints James Bond’s next car may be Lucid powered

During a ribbon-cutting ceremony marking the opening of Phase 2 at its AMP-1 production facility in Arizona, Lucid Motors CEO and CTO Peter Rawlinson was in great spirits in front of a crowd that included plant employees, media, and local politicians.

Following an up-close look at its upcoming Gravity SUV and a peek at its sheet-clad mid-size EV in the pipeline, Rawlinson shared another juicy tidbit regarding a long-term strategic partnership with Aston Martin announced last June.

Through the deal, Lucid Motors will supply its proprietary electric powertrain technology present in the Air Sapphire, including its high-performance twin motor unit, battery tech (not the cells), and Wunderbox charging system. The components will all be built at AMP-1 and shipped overseas to the UK automaker via supply contracts worth over $450 million.

Following the partnership, Aston Martin said it would use Lucid’s technology to help launch its first 100% electric model in 2025. With Lucid-powered Aston Martin EVs on the way, could we see James Bond behind the wheel of one on screen? Peter Rawlinson seems to think so. He shared the following in front of the crowd in AZ when discussing bringing powertrain manufacturing into AMP-1:

It is little wonder that Aston Martin chose our Sapphire technology, and certainly, Lucid will be powering the Aston Martins of the future, and a little bird tells me that maybe Mr. Bond will be powered by Lucid as a consequence. Wouldn’t that be cool?

007 driving an EV? We’ve heard this one before. Aston Martin promised to do it in 2019 with its RapidE concept, but it never came to fruition. Now, with the help of Lucid and its Sapphire powertrain technology, we could very well see James Bond in an all-electric Aston Martin taking on a real-life villain – climate change.

What do you think? Will the studio finally put Bond in an EV? Would that sort of acceleration even be fair to the cronies chasing him through the streets of Morocco or the Furka Pass is Switzerland? Having no engine noise is probably ideal for stealth missions though.

We still need to learn who the next James Bond will be, but when that new 007 dons his first tuxedo, he may be stepping out and into an electric Aston Martin powered by Lucid.

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