Continental introduces world-first face authentication display for vehicles | Autocar Professional


Continental, a leading automotive technology company, has unveiled the “Face Authentication Display,” a pioneering two-stage access control system integrating biometric user recognition. This system, based on advanced camera technology, is discreetly positioned both externally on the B-pillar and invisibly behind the driver display console. Offering secure start and digital payment functions, the biometric face authentication enables the vehicle to open and start when a registered user is detected.

Key Features

  • Invisible Integration: To maintain the vehicle’s interior design, Continental positions the necessary camera technology behind the driver display console, allowing for a frameless screen surface. The high-contrast and bright OLED display adapts to detect people through the pixels of the activated display.
  • Enhanced Security: The system employs liveness detection from trinamiX, a biometric solutions provider, ensuring reliable detection of attempted deception. Facial authentication in the B-pillar enables keyless entry, opening the driver’s door without a physical key.
  • Double Authentication: The combination of facial recognition in both the interior and exterior provides an additional layer of security. It not only safeguards against theft but also facilitates controlled access for various family members.
  • Exterior Display Integration: Continental introduces an additional display seamlessly integrated into the B-pillar, offering interaction options with the vehicle. The display, visible only when in use, allows users to monitor charging progress in electric vehicles and complements the exterior design seamlessly.
  • trinamiX Technology: The biometric facial recognition technology developed by trinamiX distinguishes real skin from other materials, enhancing security by preventing unauthorised access using reproduced masks or AI-generated images.

Dr. Boris Mergell, Head of User Experience (UX) at Continental Automotive, emphasised the importance of the aesthetic appeal alongside functional and technical aspects. The technology ensures both convenience and safety functions without compromising the vehicle’s visual aesthetics when in use.

Continental’s innovative concept extends beyond the interior, incorporating the “In2Visible” technology into vehicle exteriors for the first time. This logical progression allows for intuitive interaction options and additional safety features, enhancing the overall user experience for vehicle manufacturers and end-users alike.

Wilfried Hermes, Director of Consumer Electronics, North America, and Europe at trinamiX, highlighted that the collaboration with Continental aims to improve existing driver monitoring systems, ensuring better interaction between the driver and the vehicle.

Continental’s Face Authentication Display represents a groundbreaking advancement in secure and user-friendly vehicle access and interaction, setting a new standard in the automotive industry.

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