CNG becomes cheaper in Mumbai. How much it costs in other metro cities?


CNG becomes cheaper in Mumbai. How much it costs in other metro cities?

  • CNG offers significant savings compared to petrol and diesel, propelling growth in CNG-fuelled passenger vehicles in India.
CNG offers significant savings compared to petrol and diesel. (HT_PRINT)

Mahanagar Gas (MGL) on Tuesday announced a price cut for Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) by 2.5 per kg to 73.50 per kg, effective from March 5, 2024. This latest price cut comes after a dip in gas input costs. In the last couple of years, CNG has found a rapidly growing footprint in the transportation sector owing to the sky-high price of petrol and diesel. While previously, only commercial vehicles were using CNG as fuel, in the last couple of years, personal vehicle owners too have increasingly started using CNG as fuel.

With this price cut, at the current cost, CNG offers 53 per cent savings to the vehicle owners compared to petrol and 22 per cent savings compared to diesel in their current price levels in the financial capital. Petrol in Mumbai currently costs 106.3 per litre, while a litre of diesel in the city costs 94.27.

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MGL has stated in its announcement that this reduction in CNG price would help to increase the consumption of natural gas in the transportation segment, which will eventually help the country achieve a cleaner and greener environment.

CNG prices in various cities across the country are significantly lower than petrol and diesel costs. Besides this, CNG-propelled vehicles emit fewer pollutants into the environment compared to petrol and diesel-powered vehicles. Also, CNG-fuelled vehicles offer better fuel economy than their petrol and diesel counterparts. This is why aftermarket installation of CNG kits in passenger vehicles has grown significantly across India. Also, buoyed by this growth in demand, several automakers in India have started launching factory-fitted petrol-CNG variants of their passenger vehicles. While Maruti Suzuki leads this segment, Hyundai and Tata Motors too have a host of cars on offer with petrol-CNG powertrains.

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CNG vs petrol vs diesel costs in other metro cities

CNG cost in New Delhi is currently 76.59 per kg, while petrol and diesel in the national capital are priced at 96.72 per litre and 89.62 per litre, respectively. In Chennai, one kg of CNG currently costs 85, while petrol and diesel prices in the city are 102.63 per litre and 94.24 per litre, respectively. CNG price in Kolkata is currently 50 per kg, while petrol and diesel prices in the city are 106.03 per litre and 92.76 per litre, respectively.

First Published Date: 06 Mar 2024, 10:24 AM IST

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