Close to 350-electric buses to ferry two million devotees around Ayodhya  | Autocar Professional


The Uttar Pradesh government added an additional 150 electric buses from PMI Electro Mobility to deal with the anticipated rush of over two million devotees expected in Ayodhya to pray at the newly built Ram temple in the coming months. This is in addition to the 200-odd buses already put into service.

The Daruhera-based manufacturer of electric buses, PMI Electro Mobility and Mumbai-based Greencell Mobility have received orders for 53 and 150 electric buses, respectively, from the Uttar Pradesh state government.

Dr Aanchal Jain, CEO, PMI Electro Mobility said, “We are deeply honoured to be an integral part of this extraordinary moment by maintaining the purity of the air and complementing the green transport mission of the holy city.”

In an earlier statement, the UP government had said, “these electric buses will address the essential needs of tourists and pilgrims to Ayodhya.”

According to UP government officials, nearly 25 million devotees are expected to visit Ayodhya over the next three to six months.

The additional bus orders by the state government are in line with a monumental shift towards environmentally friendly public transportation with zero-emission public transportation by the state government. The state government has also given similar permissions for electric three-wheelers, state government officials said.

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