Cityflo launches Cityflo Corporate, pay per seat model for daily commute | Autocar Professional


Cityflo, an app-based bus commute company, has launched Cityflo Corporate, a pay-per-seat model for the daily commute of employees.

Employees can book seats on any of the available buses, which run every 20
minutes on popular routes, using the Cityflo app.Companies can reimburse this travel expense in part or in entirety, to foster employee well-being and sustainable mobility.

This eliminates the need for dedicated company buses that are often underutilised and inflexible from a timing standpoint, the company notes. 

Furthermore, a custom dashboard by Cityflo to monitor employee usage ensures the management overhead for the company is minimal, claims the company. 

Cityflo claims this will reduce expenses by up to 40% compared to dedicated buses, cabs, and parking costs and reduce carbon footprint by 86% compared to cars. 

The company has an existing network of 350 plus buses in Mumbai and Hyderabad.


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