CISSOID releases new SiC Inverter Control Modules for EVs – Charged EVs


CISSOID releases new SiC Inverter Control Modules for EVs – Charged EVs

Power semiconductor specialist CISSOID released a new series of SiC Inverter Control Modules (ICMs) for the e-mobility market at the recent Applied Power Electronics Conference. These software-powered SiC Inverter Control Modules are designed to help engineers create safe, robust and modular e-motor drives. 

The new CXT-ICM3SA series offers optimal hardware and software integration of CISSOID’s existing line of 3-phase 1,200 V/340 A-550 A SiC MOSFET Intelligent Power Modules (IPMs) with an OLEA T222 Field Programmable Control Unit (FPCU) control board and OLEA APP INVERTER application software, supplied in partnership with Silicon Mobility. This modular core engine is capable of powering and controlling high-voltage SiC traction inverters with battery voltages up to 850 V, at output power in excess of 350 kW, with peak efficiency above 99%.

“This unique integration facilitates the rapid development of SiC inverters by solving head-scratching EMC issues often generated due to fast-switching SiC transistors, by supporting different modulation schemes, e.g. SVPWM or DPWM, combined with dead time compensation, and by offering advanced motor control algorithms, including Field Oriented Control (FOC) and Flux Weakening management,” says the company.

A complete SiC inverter reference design is designed to improve time-to-market by enabling motor bench testing of the ICM together with key peripheral elements such as current sensors, a high-performance DC-Link capacitor and EMI filter. Both the ICM and the reference design can be obtained from CISSOID, together with the motor control software and on-site technical support.

Both the FPCU and the control software are ISO-26262 ASIL C/D certified and AUTOSAR 4.3 compliant.


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