Check out this leading auto supplier’s next-gen interior for EVs with Smart Cabin seats


Check out this leading auto supplier’s next-gen interior for EVs with Smart Cabin seats

Yanfeng, a key GM, Jeep, and Ram auto supplier, unveiled its Electric Vehicle Interior (EVI) concept at CES 2024 on Monday. The interior is a vision that eliminates the traditional instrument panel and, instead, integrates most features into a Smart Cabin seat.

As buyer preference continues shifting to EVs, one thing is becoming evident – they want added tech and features.

Yanfeng, a top auto supplier, looks to take advantage of the transition. The company specializes in interior, seating, cockpit electronics, and safety tech design.

Yanfeng is a key supplier for top automakers, including GM and Stellantis’ Jeep, Dodge, Ram, and Chrysler in North America.

After conducting several studies on EV interiors over the years, the auto supplier found three factors buyers look for in an interior with EVs. For one, they want more access to technology. They expect an EV to include more unique features than what you would find on a traditional ICE vehicle.

Perhaps, more importantly, it needs to work smoothly. And lastly, many EV buyers want a fun experience. At its first CES showing, Yanfeng looks to showcase how it can meet the new demands.

Yanfeng EVI concept (Source: Yanfeng)

GM, Stellantis auto supplier reveals new interior for EVs

Yanfeng’s EVI concept is a “vision for future vehicle architecture.” By eliminating the traditional instrument panel, the company is already drastically changing the interior compared to traditional gas-powered vehicles.

Instead, the concept features a “Smart Cabin seat” that includes an active headrest with audio, smart surfaces, storage, charging, and safety systems integrated into the seat.

Yanfeng said it challenged itself to simplify the interior of EVs without sacrificing key functions. The interior includes an integrated floor console, front seats, steer-by-wire, HMI, displays, seatbelts, and airbags. It also includes an HVAC microclimate system.

Yanfeng Smart Cabin seat (Source: Yanfeng)

“It’s not like they need a Jetsons car,” Jeff Stout, Yanfeng’s executive director for global innovation, told Automotive News.

Stout added, “But people who are buying or looking to buy an electric car are looking for a different experience.” Many of the concepts Yanfeng is showing at CES are due to its research. The company has held several demonstrations with participants to test the new interior.

The concept also simplifies the assembly process for automakers. With all key features integrated into the Smart Cabin seat, installation is far less costly and much quicker than traditional assembly.

Other innovations include a new steering wheel concept that reduces emissions and an upgraded “Hover Seat.”

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