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Media coverage of EVs tends to focus on the world’s largest auto markets: North America, Europe and Asia. Until recently, that’s been where most of the action was, but in many smaller markets around the world, voltage levels are starting to rise. Chinese automakers, which now have a range of lower-priced EVs to sell, are heavily targeting these markets.

EV giant BYD is now selling its Dolphin Mini (a rebranded version of the Seagull compact electric hatchback) in a number of emerging markets. The company has launched the Dolphin Mini in Uruguay, Brazil and Mexico. The Dolphin comes in a 30 kWh version that offers about 190 miles of range, and a 38 kWh version with about 252 miles. In these three markets, both versions start under $25,000.

The Dolphin Mini has also been launched in Jordan, Rwanda, and several other markets.

BYD is not the only Chinese automaker targeting developing markets.  JAC is also shipping thousands of JAC E10X and JAC Yiwei 3 EVs to Central and South America.  The JAC E10X sports a 31.4 kWh battery pack, and starts at around $22,500 in Mexico.

China’s export onslaught is causing some concern (not to say panic) in automotive boardrooms around the world, and European automakers are beginning to respond. Dacia, the Romanian automaker owned by Renault, plans to release an updated Dacia Spring later this year, with a starting price of €22,700. “The Dacia Spring has found its audience as a perfect solution for people looking for simple, affordable, and efficient zero-emission mobility,” says the company.

Source: CleanTechnica
Images courtesy of BYD

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