ChargePoint announces support for Megawatt Charging System – Charged EVs


The Megawatt Charging System (MCS), a new charging standard for heavy-duty EVs that industry experts call a game-changer for electric trucks, is in the final stages of standardization, and commercial deployments are already starting to appear.

The latest charging provider to announce support for MCS is ChargePoint. The MCS cable and connector will be available on ChargePoint’s Power Link 2000 stations, part of the modular Express Plus DC fast charging platform. Initially, ChargePoint’s MCS chargers will deliver up to 1.2 megawatts of power (MCS is capable of delivering up to 3 megawatts).

ChargePoint partners planning on using MCS charging can begin ChargePoint interoperability testing now to ensure a seamless deployment. ChargePoint’s MCS-enabled hardware will be on display at the upcoming ACT Expo in Las Vegas.

“Megawatt technology is the first step toward electrifying the commercial trucking industry,” said Hossein Kazemi, CTO for Hardware at ChargePoint. “The companies developing electric trucks can now leverage this infrastructure to test and enable their vehicles until they meet—or even exceed—the distances covered by internal combustion trucks.”

In fact, numerous electric truck OEMs, including Mercedes and Scania, have already tested MCS with their vehicles.

Source: ChargePoint

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