CES 2024: New-gen Mercedes-Benz operating system gets AI virtual assistant


  • Mercedes-Benz Concept CLA’s production version will be the first car from the automaker to receive the new MB.OS.
Mercedes-Benz Concept CLA’s production version will be the first car from the automaker to receive the new MB.OS.

Mercedes-Benz has uncovered its much-awaited new generation operating system called MB.OS, which incorporates an artificial intelligence (AI) powered virtual assistant. The new generation Mercedes-Benz operating system gets a variety of audio and gaming partner apps and a three-dimensional gaming engine providing more complex graphics.

Mercedes-Benz claims the new MB.OS is distinct from the MBUX infotainment system and is quicker and more efficient compared to the current generation operation system. The new-age operating system is claimed to come with improved responsiveness and processing power. A major upgrade is the MBUX Virtual Assistant, which uses generative AI and a large language model. Mercedes-Benz claims that the new generation MB.OS is capable of providing more natural speech feedback and conversations, detailed suggestions based on routines and can echo the driver’s moods.

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New MB.OS gets 3D navigation

The new generation MB.OS comes with 3D navigation with sharp graphics and detailed driving directions thanks to the gaming engine. The navigation display claims to incorporate driver assistance information, including surrounding vehicles and road signs. The detailed display also claims to recommend specific lanes and display augmented-reality instructions in real-time. The new 3D navigation claims to show surroundings, including buildings, time of day, and weather conditions. Mercedes-Benz further claims that this will help drivers make better decisions and see where they’re headed, reducing confusion in tight urban traffic conditions.

New MB.OS gets fresh infotainment features

The new generation Mercedes-Benz operating system will now come with features like built-in Audible and Amazon Music. The luxury carmaker claims that when playing audiobooks, radio dramas, and music that are Dolby Atmos-capable, the audio system onboard the car will synchronize the speakers, ambient lighting, and in-seat exciters ensuring a more immersive experience.

Which cars to get new MB.OS first

The production version of the upcoming Mercedes-Benz Concept CLA Class model will get the new generation operating system first. The car is expected to launch sometime later this year. The new generation CLA will be underpinned by the MMA architecture. The automaker has hinted that the new CLA would come available in both all-electric and internal combustion engine-propelled iterations. The MB.OS will be introduced to other Mercedes-Benz cars at a later stage.

First Published Date: 09 Jan 2024, 10:18 AM IST

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