CATL unveils world’s first LFP battery with 4C ultra-fast charging for 370-mi in 10 mins


A new EV battery that can add 370 miles (600 km) range in 10 minutes? China’s CATL introduced its new Shenxing Plus EV battery, capable of just that. CATL claims the new EV battery is the world’s first with 4C ultra-fast charging and +620 miles (1,000 km) CLTC range.

CATL reveals world’s first 4C ultra-fast charging battery

CATL continues advancing EV battery tech as it aims to develop longer-range, faster charging units.

The EV battery giant dominates the industry after leading again in 2023 for the seventh straight year. CATL’s EV battery consumption reached 259.7 GWh last year. Meanwhile, total battery consumption rose to 705.5 GWh globally.

CATL’s share of the market reached as high as 36.8% in 2023, nearly 21% ahead of its closest rival, BYD.

Last summer, CATL revealed its Shenxing SuperFast Charging Battery, capable of adding 248 miles (400 km) in 10 minutes.

Its latest battery, Shenxing Plus, uses cheaper, more advanced lithium iron phosphate for even faster charging.

CATL said the new EV battery is the world’s first with 4C ultra-fast charging and +620 miles (1,000 km) CLTC long-range capabilities. The new battery can gain a one-km range in as little as one minute. Even at extreme temperatures as low as -20°C (-4°F), the new battery offers superfast charging.

To improve the energy density, CATL introduced its in-house 3D honeycomb material. As a result, the Shenxing Plus has an energy density of 205 Wh/kg, comparable to most traditional NCM batteries.

LFP batteries are typically cheaper but are known to offer lower energy density. CATL’s new battery looks to change that.

In January, CATL said it would reduce the cost of LFP batteries per kWh by a massive 50% by the middle of 2024. It looks like it’s well on its way. You can watch CATL’s 2024 product launch below.

CATL 2024 product launch (Source: CATL)

Electrek’s Take

With cheaper, more efficient EV batteries coming out of China, the country looks to solidify its position as the world’s largest electric car market.

In February, CATL formed an “all-star” lineup with other Chinese automakers and battery makers, such as BYD and NIO, to develop new solid-state batteries.

BYD and CATL already supply batteries to Tesla, Ford, BMW, Toyota, Kia, Mercedes-Benz, and Toyota. With even cheaper, more advanced battery tech launching, CATL is enabling more buyers globally to go electric.

Although most automakers have announced plans to develop batteries, how do they plan to keep up with CATL if it’s already this far ahead?

Source: CarNewsChina, CATL

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