CATL unveils Tesla Megapack competitor, claims zero degradation and more capacity


CATL has unveiled Tener, a new large scale energy storage system to compete with Tesla Megapack.

The system has almost twice the energy capacity of the Megapack, and CATL claims zero degradation after 5 years.

Tesla Megapack is the poster boy of large-scale energy storage.

The energy storage device has been used in most of the world’s largest energy storage projects, and it is expanding fast.

Now, it is about to get some serious competition and from a partner: CATL.

CATL is the world’s largest battery cell manufacturer and Tesla’s biggest supplier.

The massive Chinese company unveiled today Tener, a massive new energy storage device:

Featuring all-round safety, five-year zero degradation and a robust 6.25 MWh capacity, TENER will accelerate large-scale adoption of new energy storage technologies as well as the high-quality advancement of the sector.

6.25 MWh in the seemingly small form-factor is truly impressive. In comparison, Tesla Megapack has a 3.9 MWh energy capacity.

However, Tesla’s Megapack includes the inverter, which doesn’t seem to be case for CATL’s Tener, according to this image:

Anyway, the energy capacity is not the most impressive thing about Tener. CATL claims zero battery degradation after 5 years:

While preventing the degradation of capacity over the first five years of use is a significant advancement in increasing the lifespan of batteries, the zero degradation of power is also important for energy storage power plants aiming to meet the requirements of new electric power systems. Leveraging biomimetic SEI (solid electrolyte interphase) and self-assembled electrolyte technologies, TENER has cleared roadblocks for the movement of lithium ions and achieved zero degradation for both power and capacity, ensuring zero growth of auxiliary power consumption throughout full life cycle, thereby creating “ageless” energy storage system. 

There’s no word on pricing for Tener, but CATL has been really competitive when it comes to battery prices.

This could be a very disruptive product in the space.

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