California now has 1 EV fast charging station for every 5 gas stations


Governor Gavin Newsom (D-CA) announced on Saturday that there is now one EV fast charging station for every five gas stations in California.

California has led the US in the number of EVs and EV charging stations every year since 2016, according to the US Energy Information Administration in December.

According to the governor’s office, 105,000 public or shared private EV chargers have been installed throughout California, on top of over 500,000 home EV chargers. Newsom flagged this stat in a tweet when he also highlighted that Tesla Superchargers are now open to non-Tesla EVs:

There are over 10,000 public DC fast chargers in California.

The number of gas stations vs. EV charging stations is not a like-for-like comparison because fueling up with gas is faster than DC fast charging… so far. But EVs can charge at home, meaning that DC fast chargers are used less.

In February, California approved a $1.9 billion plan to deploy 40,000 more public EV chargers statewide – and that’s in addition to the $1.8 billion it’s already invested in EV charging infrastructure.

More than 1.84 million EVs have been sold in California to date, and 34% of new ZEVs sold in the US are sold in California, according to the Veloz EV Market Report. The state ranks fourth in EV sales behind China, the US, and Germany.

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