Cadillac balks on plans to go all-EV by 2030, may still offer gas cars for ‘a number of years’


GM luxury brand Cadillac has yet to give up on its plans to go electric by the end of the decade, but that strategy has wavered to the point where it might also include combustion vehicles, at least for the foreseeable future. Cadillac’s global vice president recently told reporters that the company has plans for its EV and combustion powertrains to “coexist for a number of years.”

Cadillac is a long-standing GM sub-brand that has followed the parent company’s lead in embracing electrification—or, at the very least, continuously sharing intentions to do so. To date, Cadillac has developed and delivered one BEV model—the LYRIQ.

That said, Cadillac has several plans for more EVs in its development pipeline, including a smaller, more affordable option compared to the LYRIQ called the OPTIQ. Cadillac has also unveiled an all-electric version of the Escalade called the IQ, a three-row SUV called the VISTIQ, and the ultra-luxe hand-built CELESTIQ… for $340,0000.

In 2021, then-Cadillac global chief Rory Harvey shared that from that point onward, the luxury automaker would only unveil BEV models en route to becoming a 100% electric marque by 2030. Harvey has since moved on to a different executive role at GM, and his predecessor is still targeting electrification by the end of the decade. However, his stance on Cadillac’s EV plans is not as concrete.

Cadillac EV plans
The 2023 Cadillac LYRIQ / Source: GM

Cadillac tweaks EV plans, making 2030 a key juncture

Per Automotive News, Cadillac’s current global vice president, John Roth, is keeping the door open on the possibility of the GM brand selling combustion vehicles beyond 2030, sharing the quote above with reporters confirming the plans for both EV and gas powertrain options in the future.

Roth did not share specifics on the updated timeline for Cadillac’s EV plans for 2030 but did relay an optimistic outlook during a recent sales briefing:

We will be offering an all-electric portfolio by the end of the decade, and we will let the customer be our guide.

Following Roth’s statements, a spokesperson for Cadillac told reporters that the luxury brand will continue its plans to develop and launch new EVs across multiple segments. However, the automaker’s transition from combustion vehicles may now be slower than initially targeted. Roth again mentioned its customer base in guiding its decision to alter its EV plans or not:

This idea of having the luxury of choice in our portfolio is a competitive strength.

Choice is undoubtedly a luxury these days, but as more and more competitors to Cadillac deliver bespoke EV models that are cleaner, quieter, and perform better, will those customers really be considering a dirty gas-powered car six years from now? Time will tell.

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