BYD’s luxury brand unveils its first sedan, the sleek U7, with over 1,000 horsepower


After overtaking Tesla as the global EV sales leader in the last three months of 2023, BYD continues to expand. On Wednesday, the automaker’s luxury Yangwang brand unveiled its first sedan, the U7. BYD’s new flagship sedan will be a powerhouse with over 1,000 hp. But it won’t be cheap.

BYD sold nearly 1.6 million EVs last year, up 73% from 2022. Including plug-in hybrids, or “new energy vehicles,” as BYD calls them, the company sold over 3 million vehicles.

The automaker continues aggressively expanding into new markets with intriguing model launches. Less than a month ago, BYD launched the Song L electric SUV. Starting at $27,000 (189,800 yuan), the Song L will rival Tesla’s Model Y with up to 411 mi (662 km) CLTC range.

According to a report from Chinese research firm CarFans, the electric SUV scored over 8,000 orders in its first three days on the market.

A month before that, BYD revealed another mid-size electric SUV, the Sea Lion 07, another potential Tesla Model Y competitor.

BYD launched its luxury Yangwang brand a year ago. The company also revealed its e4 Platform platform, saying all new models will be based on it.

Yangwang U8
Yangwang U8 (Source: BYD/Yangwang)

Yangwang launched its first vehicle, the U8 off-road NEV SUV, in September. The luxury off-roader starts at over $150,000 (1,098,000 RMB) but is designed to tackle any terrain with 1,200 hp, tank turns, tire blowout stabilization, and other cool features.

The U8 even includes a “float mode” to help navigate through water during emergencies. BYD also debuted the Yangwang U9, an all-electric supercar starting around $140,000 (1 million RMB).

Yangwang U7 (Source: Yangwang)

BYD unveils Yangwang U7, the luxury brand’s first sedan

BYD’s Yangwang officially unveiled the U7 Wednesday, sharing images on its Weibo page. The brand calls it a “million-level new energy flagship sedan.”

The sedan’s design takes from the U9 with an added “family style” language. You can see similar headlights and LiDAR on the roof. It also featured large air intakes and carbon fiber side skirts.

At first glance, the vehicle resembles a Tesla Model S blended with as Porsche Taycan with a sleek, low-riding profile.

The U7 will be based on the e4 Platform with over 1,000 hp. Yangwang says it will “subvert the performance limit of cars” with an aerodynamic design and instant control.

Yangwang didn’t release any further info, but said prices will be around $140,000 (1 million RMB). It will likely feature four electric motors, like the U8 and U9, to reach over 1,000 hp. Check back for more on the U7 as more info is expected soon.

Source: CarNewsChina, Yangwang Weibo

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