BYD unveils new low-cost ‘interstellar chariot’ electric SUV complete with a drone landing


If you ever wanted an electric SUV that looked straight out of a Star Wars movie (other than Tesla’s Cybertruck), BYD has just the vehicle for you. BYD’s Fang Cheng Bao brand unveiled its new Super 3 electric SUV concept Tuesday, which has a rugged “interstellar chariot” design. Complete with a landing pad for your drone, the new EV is expected to cost less than $28,000 (200,000 yuan).

BYD reveals rugged new “interstellar chariot’ electric SUV

BYD announced its new Fang Chang Bao brand last June as its fifth sub-brand. Fang Chang Bao specializes in personalized and professional-grade new energy vehicles (NEVs).

Its first vehicle, the Bao 5, launched in November. The off-road SUV is a plug-in hybrid model based on the brands’ new tech platform, Dual Mode Off-Road, or DMO.

BYD said the Fang Chang Bao brand would launch a range of vehicles, from off-roaders to sports cars.

At its Spring Conference on April 16, the brand revealed three new models: its flagship Bao 8 SUV, a Super 9 convertible sportscar, and the Super 3 rugged SUV concept.

Unlike the Boa 5, the Super 3 will be 100% electric. BYD says the electric SUVs’ chassis is “Star Wars” inspired. Once the concept goes into production, it’s expected to go by the name Bao 3.

BYD Fang Cheng Bao Super 3 electric SUV concept (Source: BYD)

BYD’s new electric SUV is aimed at younger buyers with a rugged “interstellar chariot” design. It even comes with a drone landing on the roof for a “car-to-sky” experience.

The new electric SUV will debut next week at Auto China 2024. According to CarNewsChina, the Bao 3 (Super 3) is expected to start at around $27,500 (200,000 yuan).

BYD Fang Cheng Bao Super 3 electric SUV concept (Source: BYD)

Meanwhile, the Bao 8 will sit above the Bao 5 as a larger SUV. It will be based on BYD’s DMO platform as a Toyota Land Cruiser rival with prices around $69,000 (500,000 yuan).

The Super 9 fuses speed with art as a specialized sports car. It features a space-cockpit interior design.

BYD Fang Cheng Bao vehicles (Source: Fang Cheng Bao)

BYD sold 3,550 Bao 5 models in March, up from 2,310 in February as the brand ramps up output. The Bao 5 starts at $40,000 (289,800 yuan) in China.

The automaker expects sales to grow over 20% with new models in wide-ranging segments including low-cost, luxury, mid-size SUVs, pickups, and sports cars.

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