BYD launches cheaper Seagull electric car with starting price under $10,000 to fuel price war


BYD launches cheaper Seagull electric car with starting price under ,000 to fuel price war

BYD’s cheapest electric car just got even more affordable. The EV maker is fueling its price war with gas-powered cars with the launch of its newest “mini Lamborghini” electric car. The BYD Seagull EV Honor Edition starts at $9,700 (69,800 yuan), 5% cheaper than the previous model.

A new era of electricity is cheaper than oil

After surpassing Tesla to become the largest EV maker globally late last year, BYD is carrying the momentum into 2024.

BYD kicked off a price war with gas-powered cars last month with the launch of its Qin Plus EV, starting at $15,200 (109,800). The Chinese automaker said the new EV officially opened “a new era of electricity is lower than oil. “

The DM-i model (PHEV) is even cheaper, starting at 79,800 yuan ($11,000) with up to 74 mi (120 km) NEDC all-electric range.

The EV version is offered with either a 48 kWh or 57.6 kWh battery pack for up to 261 mi (420 km) or 316 mi (510 km) CLTC range, respectively.

Last year, BYD introduced the Qin Plus Champion Edition (DM-i model) priced below 100,000 yuan ($13,900) for the first time. BYD claimed with the same price as gas-powered cars, the new model was “directly destroying the moat of joint venture vehicles.”

BYD Dolphin EV Honor Edition (Source: BYD)

A few days later, BYD followed it with the new Dolphin EV Honor, starting at $13,900. The new BYD Dolphin features more performance and an improved design at a lower price tag.

Last week, BYD fueled the price war by cutting the prices of its new Tang and Han models. Then, earlier this week, BYD cut the price of its best-selling electric SUV, the Yuan Plus, to $16,600 (119,800 yuan).

BYD new Seagull EV (Source: BYD)

BYD unveils cheaper Seagull EV starting under $10,000

BYD introduced the cheaper Seagull EV (Honor Edition) in China Wednesday with a “shocking price starting from 69,800 yuan.” That’s about $9,700 USD.

The new Seagull is available in 30.08 kWh and 38.88 kWh BYD Blade battery packs for 190 mi (305 km) or 252 mi (405 km) CLTC range, respectively.

BYD’s new Seagull is available in three trims.

BYD Seagull Honor Edition trim Starting Price Range
Active $9,700
(69,800 yuan)
190 mi
(305 km)
Free $10,500
(75,800 yuan)
190 mi
(305 km)
Flying $12,000
(85,800 yuan)
252 mi
(405 km)
BYD Seagull Honor Edition prices and range

Inside, the new EV features a 10.1″ rotating center infotainment. DiLink’s intelligent network connection allows users to interact with the vehicle and play videos.

The new Seagull EV can fast charge from 30% to 80% in 30 mins. According to local reports, BYD’s Seagull is being called “Lamorghini mini” because former Lamborghini designer, Wolfgang Egger led the project.

BYD recently launched the Seagull EV in South America. It will be known overseas as the Dolphin Mini and will have a starting price in Brazil of around $20,000 (99,800 BRL).

Electrek’s Take

BYD is launching an attack on gas-powered vehicles with an EV priced below $10,000. The Seagull (Dolphin mini) is quickly expanding overseas, stealing market share from mass-market automakers like Toyota.

Over 280,000 Seagull EVs were sold in China last year, topping the Dolphin and Yuan Plus (Atto 3). Although this is BYD’s cheapest car, it’s still a decent EV compared to many low-cost electric cars in China.

BYD’s aggressive price cuts are worrying automakers like Ford. Ford’s CEO Jim Farley said if you cannot compete with Chinese OEMs, “then 20% to 30% of your revenue is at risk.”

For this reason, Ford is developing a low-cost EV platform to prevent falling further behind Chinese EV makers and Tesla.

BYD is also expanding into new markets like Luxury and mid-size SUVs. Last month, the automaker introduced its $233,000 (1,680,000 yuan) Yangwang U9 electric supercar with a 0 to 62 mph sprint in 2.36 seconds.

The launch follows two mid-size electric SUVs, the Sea Lion 07 and Song L, aimed at the best-selling Tesla Model Y.

Source: CarNewsChina, BYD Weibo

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