Buying a new tyre for your vehicle? Here are some important tips to follow


  • Make sure to buy the right sized tyre and as latest as possible whenever purchasing.
Make sure to buy the right sized tyre and as latest as possible whenever purchasing.

A car combines a lot of components, from a tiny screw to a large chunk of metal to tyres. While we often check the functionality of many critical vehicle parts, during regular inspection, we tend to ignore some basics. One of the most important yet ignored components of cars is tyres. The tyres are like the legs of a vehicle and come as the only part connecting the road surface and the vehicle. A malfunctioning or poor-quality tyre can result in a lot of trouble and even pose a threat to other vehicles and the lives of the occupants and pedestrians.

The lifespan of a tyre may vary depending on the weather, road conditions, driving behaviour etc. If you feel your tyre’s functionality is not up to the mark and needs a replacement, here are some key tips to follow while buying a new set of tyres.

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Get the right size

Getting the right-sized tyre is essential for the vehicle’s performance and safety. Usually, the size of a tyre is listed on its sidewall. Hence, if you are going to buy a new set of tyres, check your vehicle’s existing tyres for ready reference. The vehicle’s owner’s manual and car door jamb also come with the tyre size mentioned. You can check those as well for reference before buying the new tyres.

Check manufacturing date

Even if you are buying a tyre that looks brand new, check the manufacturing date printed on it. Car tyres are made up of rubber that ruins over time, especially even faster in hot climates like Indian weather conditions. Hence, while buying the tyre, it is crucial to check the manufacturing date. Check for a letter sequence beginning with DOT indicating the week and year the tyre was manufactured.

Know right time for replacement

Regular inspection of the tyres is a part of the basic maintenance of a vehicle and it is highly important too. Check the tread depth of your car tyres regularly before taking it out. Also, check for uneven wear and tears across the surface of the tyres. Make sure the tyres are fully inflated as per the recommended air pressure suggested by OEM. If you see any uneven wear and tear or shallow tread depths then it is recommended to take it to a technician and check if it needs a replacement. Ignoring such little signs for the sake of saving some money may cost you dearly in terms of performance and afty of the vehicle.

First Published Date: 13 Mar 2024, 15:39 PM IST

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