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Modern cars are complex machines and require top notch servicing aids to help them remain ship shape, reliable and in retentive value. As per the manufacturer’s recommendations, servicing of these vehicles is also a crucial aspect of vehicle ownership.

Specialist service tools also include an array of various lubes, cleaning agents, additives that should be in every professional service provider’s toolbox.

David Kaiser, Head, R&D, LIQUI MOLY: ‘Additives are chemical tools that can solve lots of problems faster, more easily and more cheaply than mechanical solutions can’.

Quite often, there are situations that the car owner or user will face during the active user period of the vehicle. Some problems can be serious that will require professional help and then there are some symptoms that can be attended by DIY enthusiasts at home without too much of a hassle. Here’s a look at a couple of situations that can be handled by both professionals and enthusiasts alike.

Example 1: A car’s engine will no longer run

Preliminary investigation determines that the air inlet is the cause of the problem. What has happened is that the exhaust gas recirculation system has become so coated in deposits that the air flow to the engine is restricted. A lot of mechanics would normally suggest that this would require the air intake system to be dismantled and cleaned.

LIQUI MOLY solution: The company has developed throttle valve cleaner in spray can. All one has to do is to spray some of it in the intake system of the throttle valve in petrol vehicles and into the intake tract of the diesel engine. The cleaning agents will remove even the most stubborn of residues in no time. In no time the intake tract will get cleaned clean and the engine will run as before.

Recommended product: Pro-Line Throttle Valve Cleaner

Example 2: An old diesel car is producing emissions that are too high

The reason for this is often encrustation of the injectors meaning that the fuel in the combustion chamber is no longer being finely atomized. This, in turn, means that dirty fuel is burnt, resulting in even more deposits.

LIQUI MOLY solution: Diesel Smoke Stop gets rid of the encrustation on the fuel injector/s and it helps restores and improves fuel consumption. The post treatment also results in significantly improved emission levels.

Recommended product: Diesel Engine System Cleaner SKU: 21491 and Gasoline Engine System Cleaner SKU: 21492

Example 3: Changing the oil in a car with high mileage

Older engines with high mileage will exhibit unique characteristics according to wear and tear and various operating conditions. To help enhance the working life of the engine, regular oil changes are essential for the proper functioning of the engine. Always follow the recommended oil change intervals specified by the manufacturer.

And over time, lots of deposits will have built up in the oil circuit. Garages often ignore this fact or try to solve it by increasingly reducing the time between oil changes. Engine oils contain cleaning agents, just not in very high doses. This type of cleaning, unfortunately, wears off after a few hundred kilometers.

LIQUI MOLY solution: This is the time when a proper engine flush job is required to remove carbon and grime that generally aren’t picked up during routine oil changes.

“LIQUI MOLY’s engine flush does the job much more quickly and efficiently. This is a highly effective cleaning additive for the oil circuit. Add it to the oil just before it is changed and then allow the engine to idle for around ten minutes. During this time the agent will dissolve the dirt and suspend it in the oil. The dirt is then drained out with the old oil. The new oil enters a clean motor and can deploy its full performance.

Recommended product: Pro-Line Engine Flush SKU: 2427

David Kaiser, Head, R&D, LIQUI MOLY says that these three examples illustrate how additives can provide technical solutions for the everyday problems that garages deal with. As they take very little time, they are easy to integrate into daily operations. They also cost very little, offering garages attractive margins, both when using the additives themselves and the service itself. Schedule periodic inspections and tune-ups to identify and address potential issues before they become major problems, advice experts.

To know more, visit LIQUI MOLY at Automechanika Hall no 5, Stall No B02.

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