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With plans to position itself as both a charging point operator (CPO) and manufacturer, Tritan EV dock is on a mission to grow India’s EV charging network and mobility of e2W and e3W with swappable battery solutions by 2025.

The charging infrastructure is the backbone of electric mobility but is also one of the key perceived barriers to EV adoption in India, given its limited availability and long charging times. India is picking up the pace in setting up the charging infra for electric vehicles, but at a slower rate than other regions like the European Union (EU), US, or China. High operating costs, Discom load, and the uncertainty related to charging station utilisation rates are holding back the charge operators from expanding their current reach.

Tritan EV Dock is on a mission to revolutionise India’s electric vehicle (EV) charging network and mobility by 2025, particularly focusing on two-wheelers and three-wheelers with swappable batteries. Recognizing the critical role of adequate charging infrastructure in driving EV adoption, Tritan aims to establish an extensive EV charging ecosystem across India, catering to vehicles of all categories, including private and commercial vehicles.

The company’s business model allows it to partner with various stakeholders in the EV ecosystem, addressing challenges such as high operating costs and uncertainty related to charging station utilization rates. Tritan intends to provide vehicles to catering services with no down payment, offering a pay-per-kilometer model that includes charging costs. This initiative is expected to further promote the adoption of electric vehicles in various sectors and contribute to reducing carbon emissions and combating climate change.

Tritan’s Charging Management System and automation expertise enable stakeholders or business partners to easily set up and operate EV charging stations.

Siddharth Shah, the founder of Tritan EV Dock, emphasises the company’s commitment to addressing EV owners’ challenges by simplifying the process of finding compatible charging stations, reserving slots, and making payments through its mobile app. “Our top priority is to connect existing EV owners and EV Charging Stations. We want to simplify finding compatible charging stations, reserving slots, and payments through our mobile app and all operators on one app,” says Shah.

Battery swapping solutions

Traditional charging methods often require substantial investment in BMS technology, driving up the overall cost of electric vehicles. Moreover, the lengthy charging times pose significant challenges for rickshaw owners and other users who rely on these vehicles for their livelihoods. By introducing electric two and three-wheelers equipped with battery swap technology, Tritan aims to provide a cost[1]effective and convenient alternative to traditional charging. With this technology, users can swap depleted batteries for fully charged ones in a matter of minutes, eliminating the need to wait for hours for a recharge.

Tritan’s innovative business and service approach includes introducing electric two and three-wheelers equipped with battery swap technology, offering a cost-effective and convenient alternative to traditional charging methods. This technology aims to reduce charging times and address the challenges faced by users who rely on electric vehicles for their livelihoods.

Way forward

Tritan EV Dock is planning to give out vehicle 2W, 3W to all catering services which can deliver food by no down payment, but only paying for kms run including charging cost. It plans on installing superfast chargers of 180-240 KW across India. It will venture into manufacturing the DC machines, with funding from a German company, becoming both CPO and manufacturer. With plans in place to commence manufacturing by 2025 and install superfast chargers across India, Tritan is poised to lead the charge towards a cleaner, more sustainable future for transportation. The company also plans to venture into manufacturing DC machines from a German company, positioning itself as both a Charging Point Operator (CPO) and manufacturer. Tritan EV Dock aims to become the most trustworthy CPO in the Indian EV sector and drive the revolution towards greener and healthier transportation solutions, its efforts are anticipated to make a significant impact on the future of electric mobility in India.

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