Bowlus Rivet luxury RV allows for ‘indefinite time’ off-grid with yacht-quality battery and solar


Oh, and did I mention it can park itself? Bowlus revealed its most rugged travel trailer yet, the off-grid Rivet. The Bowlus Rivet features a “yacht-quality” battery and solar power system that allows “indefinite time off-grid in all conditions.”

Trailblazing the luxury electric RV market

Bowlus is best known for upgrading travel. In 1934, he launched the first aluminum travel trailer. As the story goes, Bowlus blazed the trail years before Airstream’s iconic “Silver Bullet” hit the market.

The company has continued its history of innovation with products like the first fully aluminum monocoque space frame. The new design reduces an RV’s weight by about half compared to similar-sized models.

Bowlus has used the design to enable easier towing, fusing it with a luxurious interior and best-in-class comfort.

In 2016, Bowlus launched the first lithium-powered RV, complete with a 4kWh lithium-ion power system. The system provided enough off-grid energy for a week. This included air conditioning for the first time.

Bowlus released the Volterra in 2022, calling it “the world’s first all-electric RV.” Starting at $310,00, the Volterra featured 17 kWh of power, solar panels, kitchen essentials, EV charging, and more.

Bowlus Volterra electric RV (Source: Bowlus)

Following the Volterra’s success, Bowlus revealed plans to become the first fully electric RV company.

Meet the new 2025 Bowlus Rivet Luxury RV

Bowlus launched its most rugged travel trailer yet, the 2025 Rivet luxury RV. At 3,500 lbs, the Bowlus Rivet is “towable by the most extensive selection of vehicles of any other full-sized RV,” including EVs like the Tesla Model Y.

The Bowlus Rivet luxury RV includes a robust power system with a “yacht-quality” 8 kWh lithium battery and up to 660 W of solar power generation.

Bowlus says the system allows “indefinite time off-grid in all conditions.” Like its other models, the Rivet can run appliances like air conditioning and heating off-grid with its best-in-class Bowlus Power Management System and AeroSolar.

The Rivet is also the first production RV to be self-propelled, self-powered, and remote-controlled from essentially anywhere. It also includes a 3″ lift kit and added off-road tires.

Bowlus Rivet AeroMove demo (Source: Bowlus)

With AeroMove, the Rivet can drive up steep slopes, turn 360 degrees, and fit into campsites, driveways, or parallel parking spaces. According to Geneva Longer, founder and CEO, AeroMove is a camper’s dream that the company has quietly been working on for over five years.

Bowlus EasyHitch also allows you to hook on the trailer in under 60 seconds, according to the company.

The Rivet’s (25′ 3″) compact floor plan features a separate bedroom, a luxury bathroom, and spacious living and kitchen.

You also get a hotel-style shower, fridge/freezer, air conditioning, heat, two-burner induction cooktop, faucet, microwave, plenty of storage, and more.

Bowlus Rivet interior walkthrough (Source: Bowlus)

The 2025 Bowlus Rivet Luxury EV is $148,500 after the tax credit. If you want the AeroMove feature, it will cost you an additional $10,000.

If interested, you can preorder the Rivet on Bowlus website with a $100 refundable deposit.

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