BMW R 1300 GSA gets 30 litre tank | Autocar Professional


BMW R 1300 GSA gets 30 litre tank  | Autocar Professional

Most BMW GS bikes have always had a corresponding GSA model and the R 1300 GSA is the latest one to join those ranks. It is based on the new R 1300 GS platform, but gets significant changes.

Powering the R 1300 GSA is the same liquid-cooled, horizontally opposed, 1,300cc mill as the GS that makes 145hp at 7,750rpm and 149Nm of torque at 6,500rpm. However, unlike the standard R 1300 GS, the bigger GSA comes with BMW’s Automated Shift Assistant as standard. Essentially, this system eliminates the need for the rider to manually use the clutch while changing gears and coming to a stop.

Although this bike doesn’t come with a traditional clutch lever, it still comes with a gear lever. So the rider can take manual control of gearshifts if they wish. BMW says that from 2025 onwards, this ASA system will be optionally available on the R 1300 GS as well.

Since this is a GSA model, it comes with a huge 30-litre fuel tank – a 11-litre increase over the standard GS – that should make fuel stops few and far between. The R 1300 GSA tips the scales at 269kg, which is 32kg more than the R 1300 GS, and 1kg heavier than the R 1250 GSA. Standard seat height can be adjusted between a very tall 870-890mm, which is still lower than the 1250’s towering 890-910mm perch. Shorter riders can opt for the accessory low-seat options as well as the low suspension option.

The R 1300 GSA is available in four variants – standard, Triple Black, GS Trophy and Option 719 Karakorum. The level of standard equipment is staggering even on the base variant and to get a proper understanding of what each ships with, a visit to the BMW Motorrad website is recommended. 

All variants come standard with four riding modes, engine brake control, hill-hold assist and the radar-assisted safety features. Optional accessories include the electronic suspension, adaptive ride height and Pro riding modes. In addition to these, there are protective, luggage carrying and aesthetic optional extras available in BMW’s truly vast accessories catalogue.

Currently, the BMW R 1300 GS is on sale at Rs 20.95 lakh (ex-showroom, India). When it launched, the 1300 was Rs 40,000 more expensive than the venerable 1250 it replaced. The R 1250 GSA is on sale here for Rs 22.50 lakh, so expect a similar premium when the R 1300 GSA launches here.



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