BMW 1 series is going electric as an affordable EV for younger buyers


BMW 1 series is going electric as an affordable EV for younger buyers

BMW’s compact class is going electric. The BMW 1 Series will be transformed into an affordable electric car as the brand looks to attract younger buyers. BMW’s 1 Series and 2 Series will spawn i1 and i2 EV models.

The two new EVs are already in development in Munich. BMW plans to sell the more electric 1 and 2 Series models alongside the gas-powered models, according to sources close to the matter.

BMW is expanding into new segments and looking to attract younger buyers. According to AutoCar, the BMW 1 Series EV will be available as an electric hatchback or sedan. Meanwhile, the i2 will be the i3’s “spiritual successor,” according to insiders.

Head of product and brand management, Bernd Koerber, told AutoCar that BMW wants to “connect with the younger generation” and expand in all markets.

“Of course they have lower profitability but they also fulfill a different purpose in getting younger customers and developing [BMW] in certain markets,” Koerber explained.

BMW’s product boss confirmed they are still part of the strategy, adding, “It’s good that we have two brands in the segment, with, of course, Mini playing a big role.”

BMW CEO Oliver Zipse next to Vision Neue Klasse concept (Source: BMW)

BMW aims low-cost electric 1 series EV at young buyers

With rival Mercedes-Benz retiring the A-Class in 2026, BMW sees it as an opportunity. Koerber said that with the A-Class out, an electric 1 series could take market share.

The Electric 1 series is expected to launch in 2027, followed by the i2 in 2028. Although they will be sold alongside the gas models, the 1 and 2 series EVs are expected to ride on BMW’s Neue Klasse platform.

BMW Neue Klasse sedan (Source: BMW)

BMW revealed the Neue Klasse platform last September, a preview of the brand’s high-tech, efficient future.

The Neue Klasse sedan and X concepts showcase future BMW EVs. BMW’s “New Class” EVs will feature “30% more range, 30% faster charging, and a 25% efficiency improvement.”

According to CEO Oliver Zipse, BMW will launch six Neue Klase EVs within 24 months “from SAV to sedan.”

BMW Neue Klasse EVs (Source: BMW)

Meanwhile, additional variants may support various models. AutoCar said its BMW sources confirmed two unique variants are in the works: the NBx and NAx. The former is for front—and four-wheel drive models, while the latter is for rear—and four-wheel EVS.

The Neue Klass sedan and SUV are expected to ride on the NAx, while the new electric 1 and 2 series will be the first to use the NBx platform.

BMW is on track to launch its first Neue Klasse model, the sedan, in 2025. It will be followed by the SUV.

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