BIS introduces two new safety norms for EV powertrain & batteries | Autocar Professional


BIS introduces two new safety norms for EV powertrain & batteries | Autocar Professional

The Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) has introduced two new standards – IS 18590: 2024 and IS 18606: 2024 – aimed at enhancing the safety of electric vehicles (EVs) in the L, M, and N categories. While IS 18590: 2024 refers to the L category, IS 18606: 2024 is for the M and N EV categories.

These standards focus on the critical component of electric vehicles — the powertrain — ensuring it meets stringent safety requirements. Additionally, they emphasize the safety and performance of batteries, ensuring they are both powerful and secure.

The new regulations impact EVs with four wheels or less – classified as L category – as well as M and N category EVs that have at least four wheels and used for transporting passengers as well as goods. With these new standards, BIS has a total of 30 Indian Standards dedicated to EVs and their accessories, including charging systems. These standards, as per BIS, are crucial in driving the transition to a more sustainable, environmentally friendly and efficient transportation system in the country.

In a statement issued on June 22, 2024, BIS also stated: “However, the shift to electric mobility extends beyond cars and trucks. E-rickshaws and e-karts are gaining popularity across India. To address this, BIS has introduced IS 18294: 2023, which establishes safety standards specifically for these vehicles. These standards cover various aspects, from construction to functionality, ensuring the safety of both drivers and passengers.”

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