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Cover story

We deep dive into the automotive landscape in India, particularly focusing on the evolving dynamics within the hatchback segment. The recent introduction of the Gen IV Swift hatchback by Maruti Suzuki amidst the SUV dominance is indeed a noteworthy move, highlighting the enduring appeal of hatchbacks in the Indian market and why some OEMs are still banking on them.

On the other hand, the juxtaposition of the rising prices of hatchbacks with the relatively stagnant income growth of entry-level car buyers paints a challenging picture for the segment. However, several OEMs are not willing to give up as they feel hatchbacks are likely to remain relevant, especially considering their role as the first step into car ownership for many Indians.

Special feature: Safety

We focus on safety as it is particularly timely and crucial, given the increasing emphasis on this aspect globally and in India. We bring together insights from various stakeholders to shed light on the progress being made in this area within the Indian automotive industry.


We bring perspectives from key players like MG Motor and Stellantis-Leapmotor. Citroen’s global CEO offers valuable insights into their strategies for the Indian market.

Special report

2024 China Auto Show: EVs and technologies were in abundance, and we bring some of the key stories.

Automotive recalls

Even though India overtook China as the world’s largest market for electric three-wheelers, Indian car and 2W OEMs have recalled 5.67 million vehicles since 2012. Vehicle recalls also indicate the maturing of the Indian market as also the improving quality of Indian vehicles which is also seen in growing export numbers.

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