Autocar Professional to host Vehicle Lightweighting Conference: A Virtual Event on May 23-24  | Autocar Professional


As the automotive industry undergoes a radical transformation driven by the twin imperatives of reducing environmental impact and meeting stringent emissions and safety standards, lightweighting, has emerged as a key methodology to slash vehicle weight, and meet emission regulations such as the Corporate Average Fuel Economy or CAFE norms governing the Indian passenger vehicle market.

The lightweighting strategy not only enhances fuel efficiency and reduces vehicular emissions but also contributes to the overall vehicle performance and its safety by use of several advanced materials such as high-tensile steel that improve crash worthiness despite being lighter. 

Furthermore, lightweighting is allowing OEMs and component suppliers to optimise vehicle weight, and therefore, this important sustainability mantra is increasingly enabling them to meet their sustainability targets.

To discuss the key drivers and challenges of lightweighting, Autocar Professional is back with its annual event – Vehicle Lightweighting Conference – a two-day webinar on May 23 and 24.

The event will bring together leading CXOs from the industry to shed light on the design strategies, advanced manufacturing, and material techniques, and the limitations of lightweighting particularly with respect to cost, and sustainability. 

Event Theme: Future Trends in Automotive Lightweighting

Timing: 3:00-5:00pm (IST), May 23, 24

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Who should attend: Industry professionals from R&D, sourcing, manufacturing domains

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