Autocar and Rocsys are deploying automated hands-free EV chargers for trucks [Video]


Autocar and Rocsys are deploying automated hands-free EV chargers for trucks [Video]

Severe-duty vehicle manufacturer Autocar has partnered with Rocsys to deploy the latter’s hands-free EV chargers, expanding the technology across the former’s electric terminal tractors. Together, Autocar and Rocsys have already secured an initial fleet customer en route to full-scale integration of easier, intuitive charging infrastructure across the entire segment.

Autocar, LLC describes itself as the first specialized truck brand in North America, developing, manufacturing, and selling severe-duty vocational trucks explicitly built to its commercial customers’ exact specifications and needs.

That lineup includes its all-electric E-ACTT terminal tractor (seen above), which is now getting some hands-free EV charging assistance from Rocsys. Rocsys is a specialist in nascent technologies that pertain to hands-free EV charging.

The company currently develops a series of next-generation soft robotics, AI-driven computer vision, and data-driven services to optimize uptime for clients in OEM operations in the US and Europe.

Today, the two companies announced a new partnership to expand the reach of Rocsys’ charging technology across Autocar’s customer base.

Watch Rocsys’ hands-free EV charger in action

Autocar and Rocsys describe their new strategic alliance as an industry-first, deploying hands-free EV charging operations to terminal tractors at distribution centers, inland ports, and other logistical footprints.

Autocar states that the partnership will leverage Rocsys’ hands-free charging expertise to stay at the forefront of EV adoption across a unique segment of large specialty vehicles. The severe-duty vehicle manufacturer currently offers several powertrain options to support its customer’s needs and can now provide convenient charging solutions. Autocar chairman Andrew Taitz elaborated:

Providing hands-free charging for Autocar customers means they won’t have to piecemeal charging solutions together when they purchase EV trucks from us. All they need will come in one package – ‘always up’ EV trucks combined with non-manual charging set up for them onsite. By eliminating the need for manual intervention, hands-free charging ensures uninterrupted and efficient charging operations round the clock, enhancing fleet productivity and sustainability.

Rocsys co-founder and CEO Crijn Bouman explained that the company’s hands-free EV chargers reduce wear and tear on charging cables and connectors while expediting the whole process. The technology is compatible with any high-power DC charging station and utilizes a CCS-1 charging connector, offering easy integration into existing infrastructure across the commercial EV industry.

As part of the partnership announcement, the companies also shared that they had already secured an initial pilot order from one of Autocar’s national accounts to support logistical operations. That customer has yet to be made public. Check out one of Rocsys’ hands-free EV chargers doing its thing in the video below:

Source: Rocsys

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