Ather Energy elevates navigation experience for 450X scooter owners with latest OTA update | Autocar Professional


Ather Energy, a leading electric scooter manufacturer in India, has introduced a range of enhancements to its on-board navigation system through a transformative Over-The-Air (OTA) update. This software release, aimed at refining the navigation experience for Ather scooter owners, includes several significant features.

The brand has overhauled the live traffic indicators displayed on the scooter’s dashboard. This revamp provides riders with real-time insights into traffic conditions along their route, empowering them with accurate and up-to-date information for a smoother journey.

The Ather 450X now offers two-wheeler specific routes directly on the dashboard, a feature provided in collaboration with Google Maps. This integration makes Ather Energy scooters the world’s first and only ones to furnish navigation and routes tailored exclusively for two-wheeler riders, enhancing both safety and convenience, the company shared. 

The update introduces notable improvements to GPS latching, ensuring an instant connection as soon as the scooter is powered on. This enhancement contributes to a seamless navigation experience, enabling riders to initiate their journeys without delays.

This Over-The-Air update reflects Ather Energy’s commitment to pushing technological boundaries and perfecting the riding experience for electric scooter enthusiasts. The phased rollout of this software update is expected to cover all Ather 450X scooters by the end of the month, providing riders with easier, quicker, and more seamless navigation.

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