At home with the WOLFBOX Level 2 EV charger – 30% off for a limited time


As an EV owner myself, one of the things we love to talk about is how much money we save by never having to go to gas stations to “fill up” our cars. But in reality, if you are on a road trip or you heavily rely on charging outside of your home, those superchargers are not that much cheaper than regular gasoline prices anymore. Where you save your money is when you charge at home and even more so if you charge during the correct off-peak hours. This makes the type of home charger you have vitally important to make sure you are actually getting strong cost savings when it comes to gas versus EV charging. This Level 2 Home EV charger by WOLFBOX will help you make sure you are not only saving money but also making sure you are charging safely.

At its core, the WOLFBOX EV Charger is a 240V-50 Amp Level 2 Smart Charger, designed to efficiently power up your EV. Its standout features include:

  • Versatile Installation: Whether you’re setting it up indoors or outdoors, the WOLFBOX charger’s waterproof materials ensure durability in various environments. It is also extremely simple to install, but you will need a drill to mount it on the wall.
  • Extended Reach: The 25ft extension charging cable is a thoughtful addition, eliminating the hassle of parking your vehicle close to the charger. The cable is also thicker than the standard Tesla charger cable, which gives you a sense of confidence when handling it.
  • Flexible Charging Options: Users can enjoy the convenience of plug-and-charge (my favorite), RFID card charging with two cards included, or remote control through a mobile app.
  • Universal Compatibility: Equipped with a SAE J1772 connector, this charger is compatible with all J1772 electric vehicle models. Tesla owners aren’t left out either; with an adapter available upon request, this charger can accommodate Tesla vehicles, too.
  • Adjustable Charging: Offering up to 50 Amps of power, it caters to a wide range of EVs, ensuring that your vehicle charges at the optimal rate.
  • Smart Connectivity: Integration with ALEXA and Google Assistant allows for voice control, while multiple users can manage the charger simultaneously.

Hands-on with the WOLFBOX charger

Installing the WOLFBOX EV Charger was a seamless process, thanks to the clear instructions. The LCD screen instantly catches your eye. This 4.3-inch display, showing real-time data like charging rate, time, voltage, and charged amount, provides a comprehensive overview of the charging process at a glance.

The true convenience of the WOLFBOX EV Charger revealed itself in daily use. The extended cable length meant no more repositioning of the car to align with the charger. I no longer have to back into my garage, I can also pull in with zero worry of the cable not being long enough. Whether using the straightforward plug-and-charge method or the RFID cards for a quick start, each charging session was effortless. The mobile app added an extra layer of convenience, allowing for remote monitoring and control.

What truly impressed me was the charger’s adaptability. Adjusting the charging rate to suit different EVs meant that whether I was charging a compact electric car or a larger electric SUV, the charger adapted seamlessly. You can even manually set the charge rate to help with battery health or speed up the charge time. I like to keep my amps at 32 for my Tesla Model Y, but if I need more charge at a faster speed, I can max it out to 48 Amps.

Pricing & availability

The WOLFBOX EV Charger is available for purchase on the official WOLFBOX website and Amazon. It’s 30% off on the Amazon store for a limited time. It retails for $599, but they are running a special on Amazon where they reduced the price to $399.99, and there is also a $40 off coupon at checkout, making this $349. Extremely competitive price for what you get! If you just got a new EV for the holidays or you are looking for a late gift to give to an EV owner, this is a no-brainer!

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