Arizona’s first electric fire truck from E-ONE begins emergency services in Mesa


Over two years after announcing plans to develop and build an electric fire truck for the Mesa fire department, E-ONE has delivered the emergency EV, and it has begun operations in Arizona – the first of its kind in the state and one of the first in all of the United States.

E-ONE, Inc. is a Florida-based fire apparatus manufacturer specializing in emergency vehicles, rescue trucks, and custom fire apparatuses. It operates as a wholly-owned subsidiary of REV Group ($REVG) – a collection of design and manufacturing entities consisting of six different brands, including E-ONE.

In November of 2021, we reported that the Mesa, Arizona Fire and Medical Department had tapped REV Group and E-ONE to develop, manufacture, and deliver its first model of the Vector – a customizable electric fire truck unveiled by the company the summer prior.

At the time, the Vector was expected to begin operations in Mesa as North America’s first electric fire truck, joining a plug-in hybrid truck put into service in Hollywood, California, in 2021. However, Rosenbauer beat E-ONE to the debut, delivering an all-electric fire truck to the Los Angeles Fire Department in May of 2022.

Still, these all-electric fire trucks remain nascent and are exciting to see roll out to new cities, the latest being Mesa, Arizona. Check it out.

electric fire truck arizona
The Vector electric fire truck on display in Mesa, Arizona / Source: E-One/REV Group

Vector electric fire truck deployed in Arizona

Per a release from REV Group today, the Vector pumper fire truck is officially in service, stationed at Fire Station 221 in southeast Mesa. In addition to zero emissions and significantly reduced noised pollution, E-ONE states the Vector can pump four hose lines at 750 gallons per minute for four hours on a single charge.

The pumper truck’s new home at Station 221 was built in 2021 and has been equipped with an EV charger capable of fully recharging the vehicle in about 3.5 hours. Combined with other technologies in the station to keep its firefighters and the environment safer and healthier, the Vector electric fire truck will help support the City of Mesa’s Climate Action Plan and goal of achieving carbon neutrality by 2050.

Fire Chief Mary Cameli spoke to the department’s latest addition to its emergency fleet:

We are proud of what today signifies. As a department, we are taking a unique step towards improving the health and safety of our personnel. Every innovative step that contributes to the overall health and safety of our personnel is a step in the right direction. As a department, we are fortunate to be part of a city that uses data and research combined with technology and a willingness to test ideas and analyze the results. Trailblazing, the use of technology like this truck to help reduce the risks to our crews exemplifies the Mesa Way.

The Vector’s 800V platform houses 327 kWh of total battery capacity, providing a footprint for E-E-ONE’s customizable North American cab, body, and pump housing. The electric fire truck offers up to 1,250 gallons-per-minute (GPM) (4,739 LPM) pump capacity alongside NFPA/ULC all-electric certification.

Looking ahead, Mesa Mayor John Giles says the city will use the Vector electric fire truck as a litmus test as it pertains to the overall cost savings and fleet efficiency electric vehicles can provide city operations in the future. For example, REV Group also manufactures electric ambulances, street sweepers, and transit buses, to name a few – so there are already plenty of additional options in existence. Learn more about the Vector pumper truck below:

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