Archer Aviation completes battery pack drop tests in preparation for FAA’s Type Certification Program – Charged EVs


California-based eVTOL aircraft developer Archer Aviation recently performed successful battery pack drop tests at a National Institute for Aviation Research lab in advance of similar upcoming for-credit certification tests with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). 

The tests were part of the development program for the electric propulsion system of Archer’s Midnight, a piloted, four-passenger aircraft designed for back-to-back air taxi flights.

The battery packs were dropped from 50 feet at 100%, 30% and 0% states of charge to validate the safety and durability of their design under extreme impact conditions. They functioned properly after each drop. Archer credits its design choice of cylindrical cells in the battery as a crucial factor in the success of the tests, which are considered among the most challenging hurdles to FAA certification.

“This accomplishment highlights our dedication to not just meeting but exceeding safety standards,” said Alex Clarabut, Archer’s Battery Lead. “It is a critical step toward our goal of ensuring that Midnight will be among the safest aircraft in the skies.”

Source: Archer

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