Anker’s new 768Wh SOLIX C800 Plus power station with stowable camping light officially ships in March


Today Anker is releasing its new SOLIX C800 Plus Portable Power Station, which we saw debut at CES 2024 and is the first power station with stowable camping lights that illuminates campsites and powers outdoor adventures. Now available for pre-order, it is equipped with two water-resistant LED camping lights, each offering three lighting modes for up to eight hours, ensuring peace of mind as the sun sets.

The SOLIX C800 Plus sports a compact 768Wh capacity with 1,600W of power output. As stated before, the two water-resistant LED camping lights have three modes to choose from: a candlelight mode that covers up to 10m², a flood light mode that covers up to 20m², and a flashlight mode that covers up to 20m² – all of them lasting up to eight hours. These lights can easily be recharged by stowing them back inside the top of the power station case, keeping them juiced for whenever you may need them.

It features a versatile retractable pole arm that can be used as a hanger, tripod, or selfie stick when not being used to extend the camping light’s reach. It has a detachable ball head alongside dual 1/4-inch universal screws that allow you to attach the accessories of your choice – lights, cameras, mobile phones, or even projectors for some outdoor entertainment. You can also use the bottom screw to mount to a photography or video setup, making this useful for content creators who hope to capture their adventures amongst the wilds of the world.

a screenshot of the Anker SOLIX C800 Plus' capabilities

Thanks to its HyperFlash technology, this power station is able to fully recharge in just 58 minutes when utilizing 1,100W of input power via a wall outlet. When it is paired with 300W of solar panel input, charging time takes just under three hours to be fully refilled, or you can have a full battery in 7.2 hours via your car.

This power station’s 1,600W output has 10 ports to cover up to 10 devices simultaneously: five ACs, two USB-As, two USB-Cs, and a car port. You’ll also be able to completely monitor and control its settings through the Anker SOLIX app, including enabling and disabling ports via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. Its LiFePO4 batteries are guaranteed by the company to last up to 3,000 charging cycles, and when taking into account its durable electrical components, smart temperature control system, and impact-resistant design, its no wonder as to why Anker also claims its been “built to last for over a decade, even with everyday use.”

Anker’s SOLIX C800 Plus is now available for pre-order

The Anker SOLIX C800 Plus Portable Power Station is now available for pre-order with a discounted $499 price tag. Orders placed before March 11 will be eligible to receive the $150 off early-bird discount and free gift, just subscribe on the pre-order page and wait until March 12 to be contacted with the coupon and a link for the free gift. You’ll then have until March 18 to place your order.

Regular shipping will begin on March 12 with a $649 price tag, and will be available at or Amazon.

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