America’s latest electric motorcycle maker ramping production, teases new model


Ryvid, a California-based electric motorcycle manufacturer, has just shared new details about its soon-to-be-completed San Bernadino factory and an upcoming new model.

The company first burst onto the scene barely a year and a half ago, rolling out an impressive prototype in 2022 (and one that I had the pleasure of taking on one of the first test rides.)

The bike featured major innovations such as an easily removable battery with built-in wheels and a weldless folded metal frame that was lighter and easier to manufacture. The frame even included features such as a seat actuator that could raise and lower the saddle height by as much as 4 inches (100 mm), even while riding.

The highway-capable electric motorcycle began deliveries in September of last year and has since worked to ramp up production to meet increasing demand.

A major part of that production ramp-up includes a new San Bernadino, California factory. The company’s founder and automotive designer, Dong Tran, explained that the American-based production team and the company’s unique manufacturing style help reject traditional, complex practices in favor of an extremely flexible, responsive, and adaptable process with a simplified supply chain.

“Opening our own factory facility has allowed us to streamline the manufacturing process further, speeding up what is already a rapid production process, allowing Ryvid to quickly pivot to new models and focus on new market segments,” explained Tran. “While growth is important for any business model, we’re going to prioritize the pillars of our company, which are accessibility, innovation, sustainability and community.”

Ryvid Anthem to be followed by second model

The $8,995 Ryvid Anthem is the company’s current flagship model, and is expected to be joined by at least one new model later this year. As Ryvid explained, “While the Anthem is still a brand new product, everyone at Ryvid is focused on achieving the next breakthrough.”

No release date has been set, but a spring or summer announcement has been floated by the company, meaning we may not have to wait too long to see what Ryvid has up its sleeve.

And to keep things interesting, Ryvid shared a bit of a teaser by saying that “the new, American-manufactured model will shake up current motorcycle manufacturing concepts by offering riders an extraordinarily flexible platform to attract a wide range of riders and provide plenty of options for personalization.”

Electrek’s Take

I can’t say exactly what Ryvid’s engineers are working on, but based on the Anthem, I expect it to be pretty impressive.

I’m also excited to see that Ryvid has taken a different approach to entering the rocky electric motorcycle market, eschewing business models like those that ultimately sank the SONDORS Metacycle, and instead focusing on first achieving a healthy funding base and local manufacturing processes.

Having met many of the Ryvid team myself and test ridden the company’s first model, I can say that this feels like the real deal. In fact, when I was recently buying an electric motorcycle for myself, the Ryvid Anthem nearly won out. It ultimately landed as my second choice, and I’ll have a LiveWire Del Mar rolling into my garage hopefully any day now. I chose it for the larger battery and the wide distribution of Harley-Davidson dealerships for service/support, but I was pretty darn to close to pulling the trigger on a Ryvid (and could have saved around 50% by going that way, too!).

But hey, the great thing about motorcycles is that there always seems to be room in the garage for one more. So perhaps I need to get a look at what’s coming next out of Ryvid’s new factory…

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