AMADA’s Jupiter Laser Welding System for battery tab welding – Charged EVs


AMADA Weld Tech, a manufacturer of laser markers and welding equipment, offers a welding system for EVs, power tools, energy storage and military battery modules.

The Jupiter Laser Welding System semi-automatically welds 300x300x300 mm battery modules weighing up to 20 kg. It suits thin- to medium-thick battery tabs containing nickel, Hilumin (nickel-plated steel), aluminum, copper and brass (300 to 500 micron thickness upper limit dependent on material and design).

Jupiter has programmable logic controller (PLC) control and can have multiple lasers and a laser weld head with fixed optics or a galvo (scanner). The motorized XY table and Z-axis make it easy to focus on and position welding parts. 

Jupiter has a Class 1 laser welding enclosure for battery tab welding, an integrated combustion suppression unit (CSU) to protect the system and operator, and integrated fume extraction to clean the enclosure.

Jupiter’s near infra-red (NIR) fiber laser has 500 W average power. An automatic side door allows robotic or in-line loading, while a manually operated front door allows manual loading. 

Source: AMADA Weld Tech via Green Car Congress

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