ADS-TEC Energy deploys its first 320 kW ChargeBox EV chargers at a multifamily residential complex – Charged EVs


Ireland-based ADS-TEC Energy, a developer and producer of battery storage–based platforms, has for the first time installed its ChargeBox ultra-fast EV chargers at a multiunit residential development: the 470-unit Marina Palms Yacht Club and Residences in North Miami Beach, Florida.

ADS-TEC says the chargers require no major construction or upgrades to electrical infrastructure. They use built-in batteries to draw power from the grid, store it and output it at speeds of up to 320 kW per vehicle, to charge vehicles in minutes.

The ChargeBox is intended to alleviate the problem of residents having to wait hours to use a Level 2 charger. The company says it can service 100 EVs per week using only two parking spaces, as opposed to a Level 2 charger, which would require 20 spaces.

“Rewiring a multilevel parking structure for Level 2 charging is costly, approximately $5,000–$15,000 per parking space, according to estimates our customers have received,” said ADS-TEC Energy CEO Thomas Speidel. “With ChargeBox, condominium associations, building managers and investors can bypass Level 2 infrastructure that will be obsolete in a couple of years and instead deliver the future.”

Source: ADS-TEC

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